Disclosure Policy

Disclosure policy

To forge long-term trust-based relationships with shareholders, investors and all other stakeholders in Japan and overseas, the Company’s disclosure extends beyond the statutory minimums to include information about management policies, financial data and business initiatives, as well as other information on business factors and the management environment needed for making investment decisions. The Company’s policy is to disclose such information promptly, accurately and in a fair and impartial manner.
Based on the spirit of “co-creating a brighter future” described in its Management Vision, the Company has formulated and put into practice the following “Policy on Promoting Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders(PDF 57KB)” and seeks to enhance bilateral communication by fostering objective-oriented dialogue with shareholders.

Methods of corporate information disclosure, and measures relating to fair disclosure

The Company publishes items subject to statutory disclosure as and when appropriate via digital media including the TDnet operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., as well as on the Company's official website in the Corporate Information section under the sub-headings of News Releases and IR Information.
Regarding the disclosure of information relating to non-statutory items, following each quarterly accounts settlement, we publish detailed business performance reports on the Company's website and via other forums, and release reports on monthly orders. We also distribute information relating to business initiatives and management policies via various media.
The Company's policy is to conduct fair and equitable information disclosure to shareholders both within and outside Japan, and in consequence, we endeavor to actively disclose IR information in English. In line with our policy of fair disclosure, following briefing sessions given to institutional investors, we publish details of those sessions on our website at a later date.

Silent period

To prevent the leakage of account settlement information and ensure the fair and equitable disclosure of information, Daiwa House Industry designates a fixed period of time immediately prior to the scheduled date for the announcement of financial results as a "Silent period," during which we refrain from commenting on matters relating to the settlement of accounts and from replying to questions on such matters. Nevertheless, in the event that it becomes likely, during the silent period, that the Company's business performance forecasts will be subject to significant change, we issue reports on such issues in line with the timely disclosure rules. Even during the silent period, we respond to questions submitted to us if they concern information that has already been disclosed.

Forward-looking statements

Business forecasts are based on assumptions in light of the information available as of the date of announcement of the financial results and uncertain factors that may possibly impact the future results of operation. These statements do not mean that the Company pledges to realize such statements. Actual results may differ significantly from those presented herein as a consequence of numerous factors such as the financial markets, economic conditions and fluctuations in land prices.

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