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Daiwa House Group

Solving social issues with our 'Asu Fukaketsuno' business

At Daiwa House Group, we are always thinking about the future,
and what it will take to improve housing, cities, and livelihoods in the years ahead.
By utilizing the technical know-how we've accumulated since our founding,
we've carried out a diverse range of research and development activities spanning a number of fields.
To take on various issues in today's society and into the future,
we are developing products and services which are "indispensable for tomorrow."

As a basis for taking that next step,
we have coined the phrase "Asu Fukaketsuno," to bring new value to society.


A Anzen, Anshin

We offer proven building technologies to prevent or protect from disasters.

By promptly industrializing our construction, we have revolutionized the building industry in Japan, with steel pipe structure construction, prefabricated housing, and more.

No one can predict what sort of disaster may befall Japan tomorrow, and our goal is to provide a greater peace of mind to the people through proven building technologies.

As these technologies evolve, safety and security will reach higher levels.

Underfloor inspection robot "moogle"

SU Speed, Stock

Working to extend the lifelong duration of structures.

To extend the lifelong duration of buildings and homes, we not only provide a renovation business, but also have underfloor inspection robots under joint development, which thoroughly check the intricate parts that are invisible to the naked eye.

If you've grown fond of your home through the years, let us help you bring it into the next generation.

Robot Suit HAL® for care support(lumbar type)

FU Fukushi

To support the elderly, so that they can enjoy their golden years.

In efforts to deal with Japan's aging society, we offer assisted living services, welfare robots, and propose housing plans for people to live fulfilling lives into the future.

In this era of long life, we aim to increase QOL (quality of life) for all.

©Prof. Sankai, University of Tsukuba / CYBERDYNE Inc.
HAL® is a registered trademark of products developed and manufactured by CYBERDYNE Inc.

KA Kankyo

To utilize wind, sunlight, and water for a sustainable society.

Since the 1990s, our founder Nobuo Ishibashi has claimed the 21st century would be the era of wind, sunlight, and water.

As an indicator of this philosophy, our Group has unified to create "zero energy" houses, buildings, and cities, and we've developed a number of solar power generators throughout Japan with our Mega Solar business.

Our aim is to speed up the process of "smart city" efforts, with housing and buildings at the forefront and generate renewable energy through our generators for a "zero energy consumption environment throughout the company.

KE Kenko

To live healthier, more fulfilling lives on a daily basis.

We offer healthy residential and living services through a combination of construction and medical technologies.

Our goal is to support health-conscious lifestyles for a better tomorrow.

HEMS (Home Energy Management System)

TSU Tsushin

A fusion of building techniques and experience with cutting edge information and communication technology.

By fusing our building techniques/experience with cutting edge ICT, we offer a new living environment that is more convenient and satisfying.

Energy conservation efforts combined with various living services such as safety/security, welfare, and health can be utilized through our common "Smart House" platform. And spreading this platform throughout the country allows us to actively collaborate with other industries as well.

agri-cube ID

NO Nogyo

By industrializing agriculture, we can provide safe vegetables at a constant rate.

Our aim is to promote and support the supply of safe foods at a stable rate, and apply the industrialization techniques we've accumulated through the years in the building industry to plant vegetable-grower units.

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