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Passing on world-renowned treasures to the next generation


The characters written with a brush above represents "Earth " and "Life ".
The Sakura tree set their roots in the earth, and slowly but consistently live to grow a trunk and branches,
and eventually bloom brilliantly, enrich our hearts. This calligraphy reflects our wish to protect
and foster Sakura and pass them down to and for future generations.

Daiwa Sakura Aid Mission

In our long history, cherry trees have grown alongside the hearts of the Japanese people and have had a unique and mysterious appeal to us all. In partnership with other stakeholders, we who have been born and nurtured in Yoshino will take up the baton that has been passed to us by earlier generations.

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Passing on the cherry tree to the next generation

We are working with workplaces around Japan on activities aimed at passing on to the next generation both the cherry tree, whose blossoms are symbolic of Japan, and also the beautiful landscape that has been cherished to this day, especially around Mount Yoshino in Nara Prefecture that has a connection with our founder.

Cherry tree preservation at Mount Yoshino

We are engaged in a volunteer project at Mount Yoshino where we are working alongside local people to provide a new generation of cherry trees by growing healthy saplings from seed.

Sakura Project

Targeted primarily at pre-schools and elementary schools, this project provides experience of cherry tree planting and performance and playing of Japanese musical instruments.

Events and tools

Details of local activities, especially cherry tree protection work at Mount Yoshino.


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Daiwa Sakura Aid

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