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Concerning information posted on the "Investor Relations" (hereinafter, "this website") website

  • This website was not created to encourage the buying and selling of Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Daiwa House") stock, nor for the purpose of investing in said stock.
  • Statements on this website that are not based on historical fact such as the current plans, strategies and earnings forecasts of the Company and its Group represent forecasts of future results. While such statements are based on the conclusions of management according to information available at the time of writing, they reflect many assumptions and opinions derived from information that includes major risks and uncertainties. Actual results may vary significantly from these forecasts due to various factors including economic conditions, competition and fluctuating land prices.
  • Daiwa House cannot in anyway guarantee any information on any website or webpage that is linked to this website. Daiwa House assumes no liability whatsoever for damages incurred from said information or from errors contained in said information or from the downloading of data from said sites or pages, etc.
  • Daiwa House reserves the right to change or modify any part of this website, or to shut down or suspend operation of this website at any time without prior notice. Moreover, Daiwa House assumes no responsibility for any damages incurred from changing or modifying information on this website or from the shut down or suspension of it.

Therefore, use your own judgment when making investment decisions.

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