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Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2023

Daiwa House Group has published its Sustainability Report 2023 featuring comprehensive coverage of our ESG engagement.
Recognizing corporate assessment agencies‘,long-term investors’, and other stakeholders’ desire for full disclosure, this report is intended fulfill our responsibility to explain how we intend to benefit society and address environmental issues through business. We also hope that this report will help third parties form an accurate picture of the Group and its activities and provide feedback we can utilize to improve how we run the Company.

The Toward Realizing Our Hopes for the Future section elucidates how our mid- and long-term management plans and Our Hopes for the Future relate to one another as well as how upper management intends to realize the concepts embodied in Daiwa House Group’s “Hopes for the Future” (our Purpose) in order to run the Company sustainably. And one of the report’s features lays out details of our carbon neutrality strategy for achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The Implementation Report section covers the following topics.
As part of our efforts to achieve the goals of our Long-Term Environmental Vision by 2055, we set interim goals to be reached by 2030 in our Seventh Mid-Term Management Plan. We report here on the initiatives embodied in the 7th Plan and our Environmental Action Plan, Endless Green Program 2026 (EGP 2026) formulated in conjunction with it.
We report here on our principal actions taken relating to the three bases (human resources, customer, and technology and manufacturing bases) of social relevance for progress in addressing societal issues through business.
This part of the report covers initiatives rooted in our four fundamental policies for ensuring proper corporate governance across the Group, both in Japan and overseas: review management structure and state of management and supervision; enhance agile business execution and risk response structure; strengthen risk information gathering and sharing; and strengthen environment for supporting sustainability and implementation.

In today’s world, society increasingly asks enterprises to integrate resolution of societal issues into the running of their businesses. As part if its efforts to that end, Daiwa House Group hopes this report be a catalyst for constructive dialogue with its stakeholders (including customers, employees, business partners, community residents, and shareholders) in order to help it create a world in which everyone can share the Joys of Life.

Editorial Policy

English Edition

All Page Contents(187Pages/44.8MB)

GRI Standards(32Pages/355KB)

  • Hopes for the Future

  • Message from the President

  • Materialities and Specification Processes

  • Future | Carbon neutrality strategy

Implementation Report Environment

  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge

  • Long-Term Environmental Vision

  • Environmental Action Plan (Endless Green Program)

  • Environmental Action Plan (Endless Green Program 2026)

  • General (Expand environmental contribution business)

  • Reinforcing the foundation of environmental management

    • Environmental management

    • Supply chain management (Environment)

    • Eco communication

  • Mitigating and adapting to climate change

    • Response to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

  • Harmony with the natural environment (Preservation of biodiversity)

  • Closed-loop resource sourcing and conservation of aquatic environments (Greater durability and waste reduction)

  • Prevention of chemical pollution

Implementation Report Society

  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge

  • Human rights management

  • Human resources base

    • Employee compliance

    • Securing and developing human resources

    • Job satisfaction and well-being

    • DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

  • Customer base

    • Inclusive community development

    • Improvement of customer relations

    • Dialogue and coexistence with local communities

  • Technology and manufacturing base

    • Build platforms for innovating solutions to social issues

    • Improving manufacturing productivity and ensuring quality at the same time

    • Promote and improve the efficiency of CSR procurement across the Group

    • Enforce safety/security at construction sites

Implementation Report Governance

  • Commitment from the Executive Officer in Charge

  • Corporate governance

  • Internal control

  • Risk management and establishment of corporate ethics

Third-Party Assessment / Data Section

Cooperating with Third Parties and Their Assessment

  • Cooperating with Third Parties

  • Main certifications and awards

  • Inclusion in ESG indices

Data Section

Environmental Data(1.63MB)

Social Data(296MB)

Governance Data(297MB)

Third-Party Assurance Report

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Daiwa House Group Social Regulations and Policies

The Daiwa House Group has established rules and policies based on the Company Philosophy, the Management Vision, and the Guidelines for Conduct.

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We recognize that intellectual property rights such as patent rights and design rights, which are the results of our research and development, trademark rights, which form the basis of our brand strength, and copyright, which is the result of our intellectual creativity, are important assets of our company. We strictly control all matters regarding their acquisition, maintenance and abdication based on an established flow.

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