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SDGs of the
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Achieving all our SDGs
will help create the society we want to see

Our founder, Nobuo Ishibashi, started our business in 1955 “to be of service to society”.
This spirit continues in the Daiwa House Group’s basic stance of “Creating Dreams, Building Hearts” that serves as our guiding light.

Rather than the pursuit of profit alone, we are helping to achieve sustainability by bringing new value to society through our business activities.
Our goal is to live in harmony and make wellbeing something for all to share.
As the inheritors of our founder’s spirit, our path follows that of the SDGs, aiming for the same future.

Accordingly, Daiwa House Group intends to keep moving forward toward a global consensus on
the resolution of challenges, with the 2030 target for achieving the SDGs being just one more milestone along the way.
We are looking forward to the day when we can all enjoy the prosperous society envisioned by our founder and
the sustainable world that the SDGs are seeking to create.

We Build SDGs

The SDGs we focus on

Promoting community development

At the Daiwa House Group, we believe it is our most important responsibility to create communities in which people can live over the long term.
We are promoting the creation of communities where everyone can live safely and comfortably, and which are disaster-resistant, with minimal environmental impact.
In addition, recognizing our responsibility as the original builder, we have commenced a program of revitalizing suburban housing complexes that we had developed decades ago, finding ways to make these communities attractive again.

Daiwa House Group's
community development

About our efforts

We face social issues head-on and leverage our wide range of business fields to help address social issues.

SDGs activity list

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