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Daiwa House Group

The Daiwa House Group's Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Corporate Creed

Our Company Philosophy, the basis of the Group's thinking, to be shared by each employee of our group from now on.

  • We foster employees' personal growth through business.
  • We ensure a good working environment for all employees, conscious that it ties directly into our progress.
  • We benefit society with products born of honest and dedicated labor using modern equipment and facilities.
  • We, all employees from the shop floor up to the C-Suite, unite in purpose and exert ourselves unflaggingly, as this is the only way to move the Company forward.
  • We continually self-reflect and offer frank opinions to one another out of a deep sense of responsibility, cooperating with and relying on one another in order to stride on to further success.

Employee Charter

A set of conduct guidelines, to be aware in mind by employees at every stage of daily operations.

As employees of a group that co-creates value for individuals, communities, and people's lifestyles, we pledge the following.

  • Strive to improve the quality of our work, our skills, and use of data to offer safe and reliable environmentally friendly products, thereby providing customers with comfortable, relaxing living spaces.
  • Serve customers in good faith and share their excitement and joy.
  • Conduct ourselves with the fairness and openness social norms demand to enhance the company's public stature and corporate value.
  • Help business partners grow and develop, always dealing fairly with and maintaining gratitude toward them.
  • Pursue our own growth and happiness through our work.
  • Work to co-create a brighter future, aiming for a better society and helping people live meaningful lives.

Our Hopes for the Future (Purpose)

The compass for our journey to Daiwa House Group's centennial

Our Future Landscape: Embracing the Joys of Life.

Creating the fundamental societal infrastructure and lifestyle culture rooted in regeneration, ensuring a world where we live together in harmony embracing the Joys of Life.

The values we embrace

These are the values most important to us—the ones we embrace in pursuing Our Hopes for the Future and our quest to make the Daiwa House Group indispensable to people around the world.

  • Look beyond the curve and actively initiate change
    Transform the future from something unforeseeable into something exciting. Initiate change; create new currents!
  • Embrace failure and success alike as a means for achieving dreams
    Challenging new things is the first step in achieving a dream. Instead of fearing failure, take the first step!
  • Welcome differences, thrive together
    Build on diversity, share the joy of creation. Draw on differences symbiotically to make each other shine.
  • Be empathetic in thinking, stout in following through
    Exercise compassion toward others and society, enthusiasm and resolve in following through on commitments.
  • Enjoy your life. Afterall, you are pursuing a dream
    You are the star of your story. You are helping create our future landscape. As such, enjoy life.

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