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Daiwa House Group

Communicating with our stakeholders

In recent years, we have placed a great deal of importance on communicating with our stakeholders regarding CSR activities. Daiwa House Group is also starting to have lively dialogs with more of our stakeholders.

Stakeholder meetings

Daiwa House Industry actively provides information to all of our stakeholders, and participates in dialogs with them to meet various social needs. In order to do this, we have provided an open invitation system since 2004, so that stakeholders from various backgrounds can participate in our annual stakeholder meetings.

Daiwa Log

In CSR business activities, we seek to meet social requests through dialog and solve various social issues.
As a new addition to our CSR activities, Daiwa House Group has started participaing in "Daiwa Logs."

Diversity & Inclusion

We have not only attributes such as gender and age, but also background including life stage and lifestyle, experience gained through work, and individuality and sensibility.
We believe that actions to resolve social issues will begin by talking about each person's thoughts, sharing differences, combining them, and reconsidering them, both inside and outside the company.

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