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Sapling cultivation

A cherry tree nursery has been established at Mount Yoshino in partnership with Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai and used to cultivate from seed the Shiroyamazakura cherry trees that have long grown in Yoshino.
Participants learn how each task helps foster the cherry trees as the work proceeds through its yearly cycle, with each sapling being carefully tended to ensure healthy growth.

Activities over the course of a year

MayPreparation of cherry tree nursery

Check that the seeds planted in winter have sprouted, and perform weeding to provide a good growing environment.

JuneSeed collection

Collection of cherry stones (seeds) from adult Shiroyamazakura cherry trees.
After washing, the fruit is placed in storage where it will not dry out until needed for planting in February.

July and SeptemberCollect grass to make hay for the nursery.

Cutting of grass at Taiko-hanamizuka, Hanayama, and elsewhere to make hay for keeping the saplings warm in winter.

DecemberTransplant saplings

One-to-two-year-old saplings are transplanted into new seedbeds to allow for more growth.

JanuaryFertilizing and planting

Cherry trees that have failed to thrive due to being grazed by deer, disease, or old age are removed to prepare for planting young saplings.

FebruaryPlanting of seeds and saplings

The cherry stones collected in June are planted in the nursery seedbeds ready to sprout in spring. Meanwhile, young saplings grown large enough to plant out are returned to Mount Yoshino.

Comments from Daiwa House staff who participated in sapling cultivation.

My participation in the work has strengthened my love of cherry trees. I became involved with this work after hearing that the cherry trees of Yoshino are at risk, and I find great fulfillment in thinking that I am doing something to help.

It pleases me to think that this is the sort of work that will continue on into the future as young people involve their own children once they become parents themselves, such that my children and others who come after me will be glad that they persevered when they see how Mount Yoshino has become full of cherry trees.

I previously participated in cherry stone collection. I hadn’t realized that I could make a contribution to nature, and I only got involved after seeing the call for volunteers and thinking it was something I would be able to do. I am delighted to be able to do something to help.

I heard that the cherry trees will soon weaken unless people go out into the forest to look after them, and felt that I wanted to do something more for nature.

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