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Cherry tree preservation at Mount Yoshino

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The beginning of the activity was from a single phone call

Protecting the cherry trees at Mount Yoshino, the birthplace of our founder

Having been passed from generation to generation for a thousand years, the cherry trees of Mount Yoshino are a treasure not only for Japan but for the whole world.
With the Shiroyamazakura cherry trees of Mount Yoshino at risk to factors such as environmental change and the trees' loss of vigor, we are working to preserve them for the next generation.

Cherry tree preservation at Mount Yoshino

History of Yoshino’s cherry trees

The cherry trees of Yoshino are a famous sight that is emblematic of Japan. They have been known since antiquity, having been written about by the poet Man'yoshu.

Map of activities at Mount Yoshino

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Sapling cultivation

Shiroyamazakura cherry trees are grown from seed at Mount Yoshino, their natural home.

Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai (preservation association)

Daiwa House Group is engaged in the cultivation of saplings in partnership with Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai.

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