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Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai

The cherry tree preservation activities being conducted by Daiwa House Group at Mount Yoshino are undertaken in partnership with Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai.

Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai

The association works to maintain and improve Mount Yoshino as a world heritage site and to conserve and foster sakura culture through the conservation of its cherry trees and the protection of cultural sights.

Mount Yoshino


1916 Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai established
1937 Bounty for dead cherry trees
1993 to 1995 All of Mount Yoshino surveyed for decline of cherry trees (Nara Prefecture)
1996 Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai supporters group established
2000 Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai office opened
2001 Sakurayama development and nursery established
2000 to 2002 Cadastral survey of Hoshoukai area
2004 Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site ("Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range")
2008 to 2011 Survey of decline of cherry trees (undertaken by Mount Yoshino Sakura Survey Team)
2012 Association redesignated as a public interest incorporated foundation (on April 1, 2012)
2016 Commemorative project to mark 100 years since foundation
2017 Commissioned supervision of maintenance of Hanamizuka Park to Takada Landscape Gardening & Design
2018 Inherited the secretariat of the Association to Protect Yoshino’s Cherry Trees, which began in 2008
2019 Received the 39th Green City Award (Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Award, Green Citizens Cooperation Category) for the Mount Yoshino cherry tree preservation activities carried out together with Daiwa House Industry

Comment by association representative

Thanks to everyone who has helped us grow and preserve cherry trees

Our association’s fellowship with Daiwa House Industry began more than a decade ago, with a phone call from a local resident saying that the cherry trees of Mount Yoshino were weakening. It started with the Daiwa Sakura Aid Concert and a scientific survey of the cherry trees on Mount Yoshino. Later, many current and former employees and their families came seven times a year to participate in volunteer activities.
At first, we figured things out as we went, but now, with their involvement in the growing and preservation of cherry trees by picking up cherries, growing seedlings, enriching soil, planting trees, cutting undergrowth, etc., we are experiencing and watching over the cherry trees together.

In order to protect this jewel of Japan, the world-famous cherry trees of Mount Yoshino, and pass them on to the future, we ask Daiwa House Industry employees and other participants, to continue to work together with us.

Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai

Shuhei Kurumada, President
Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai

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