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Map of activities at Mount Yoshino

Map of Daiwa House Group activities at Mount Yoshino

Activities by Daiwa House Group


A lookout for viewing the cherry trees of Mount Yoshino.
This is a place where Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai and the Daiwa House Group are currently working on maintenance activities, including planting cherry trees and applying fertilizer.

On April 14, 2015, Takeo Higuchi, Chairman and CEO of Daiwa House Industry, hosted a ceremony attended by Mayor Kitaoka of Yoshino and others to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company's founding and participated in planting of Shiroyamazakura cherry trees grown from seed by the company.

2.Hinoo nursery

This nursery was established in 2015.
Because they lack nutrition after being used to grow seedings, the seedbeds must be left fallow for a time before being used again.
The new seedbeds are used to plant seeds or transplant saplings.

3.Nursery (previously a pre-school)

Saplings grown from seed, mostly about one year old, are transplanted at two-meter intervals and left to grow large enough to be planted out on Mount Yoshino.

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