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Daiwa House Group

Statue of Nobuo Ishibashi, in Noto, a place deeply associated with him

The starting point of the Daiwa House Group's resort business

“The people of Noto, and even the very land itself, welcome all visitors”Fascinated by the people and the local culture, which are very welcoming to visitors, Nobuo Ishibashi, founder of the Daiwa House Group, built the Group's first resort here. This marks the beginning of our resort business, which centers on resort hotels.
We keep in our hearts the memory of Nobuo Ishibashi's lifelong love of Noto, and we are handing this memory down to future generations.

Rediscovering our starting point, and aiming to realize our dreams for the future

Nobuo Ishibashi, who had helped Japan's construction industry and home-building industry to evolve, next aimed to create a new type of "lifestyle culture."
We want to enrich people's leisure time by using the beautiful natural scenery of the Japanese archipelago as a tourism resource, and we hope that this will lead to regional revitalization.
The Daiwa House Group's resort business began in the 1970s and eventually spread to all parts of the country.
In his later years, Ishibashi lived in the country villa he built in the Shika no Sato on the Noto Peninsula. Until his death at the age of 81, he spoke of his dreams for the future, and passed on to his successors the desire to be of service to society.

a special place in the Heart

A place deeply associated with our Founder (Noto, Ishikawa)

Footsteps of Company Founder, Nobuo Ishibashi

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