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The Nobuo Ishibashi Memorial Museum

What is the Nobuo Ishibashi Memorial Museum?

The museum recreates the life of the founder of Daiwa House Industry. Visitors can view the path followed by Nobuo Ishibashi throughout his life in pursuit of the dream of creating a better society.

An introduction to the exhibits

The museum's exhibits include articles personally associated with Mr. Ishibashi, a collection of his sayings and other advice, and a history of the business operations of Daiwa House Industry and the Group. By following in the footsteps of Nobuo Ishibashi through his 81 years of life, visitors can see the major contributions he made to the Japanese construction industry and the way of life of the Japanese people, and thereby gain a deeper understanding of the spirit that motivated his actions.

Museum designed to be

The museum building is designed to exemplify Nobuo Ishibashi's devotion to nature, making optimum use of natural elements such as wind, sunlight, and water. The various unique technologies incorporated in the building are clearly explained.

The Spirit of Nobuo Ishibashi Four "revolutions" born of the vision of a man who desired to create things useful to society Introducing the spirit of Nobuo Ishibashi

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