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Nobuo Ishibashi 100th Anniversary Memorial Monument

Our Origins The Founder, Nobuo Ishibashi

To convey to future generations the Daiwa House Group ethos of contributing to society through our business operations, the Group marked the 100th anniversary in 2021 of the birth of its founder by erecting a memorial monument on land it owned in Kawakami, a village in the Yoshino district of Nara Prefecture. A bust of Ishibashi looking toward his birthplace that no longer exists and a monumental plaque recounting his accomplishments now stand at the site.

“Hito” (people) Learning from the natural environment of his birthplace Giving back to people and society

Where the wind blows over the soaring hills of Yoshino.
Where the sun beams down on an ancient forest and glints off the drips of water that feed its streams.
This is Kawakami, a village in the Yoshino district of Nara Prefecture, the place where Nobuo Ishibashi, founder of Daiwa House Industry, was born.
The glorious natural environment of his birthplace helped a boy grow into a man of ambition.

Wind Sun Water

Nobuo Ishibashi founded Daiwa House Industry in 1955, at the age of 33.
His aim was to make a business out of the things that people needed.
The soil that nurtured this ambition was the rich natural environment of Kawakami, a village in the Yoshino district of Nara Prefecture.
The winds that blew over its ancient forest, the shining sun, and the beautiful headwaters of the Yoshino River.
From the 1990s, Ishibashi anticipated the need for a business that paid attention to “wind, sun, and water,” a philosophy that manifests itself today in activities aimed at achieving decarbonization.
The spirit of Nobuo Ishibashi, one of learning from the natural environment and paying attention to people and society. It is a spirit that we carry on to this day, forming the foundation of the Daiwa House Group.

Kawakami village in Yoshino where the founder grew up

Footsteps of Company Founder, Nobuo Ishibashi

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