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Philosophy of Daiwa Sakura Aid

We want to pass on the gifts of history and the treasures of Japan to the future.

Cherry trees that show their beauty every year with the coming of spring. For more than 1,000 years, cherry trees have brought us consolation, encouragement, and healing. There are no other trees that have blossomed alongside the hearts of the people. Looking back, cherry trees have always been with us. In the country's major historic events, as well as in the lives of each and every person. By learning about these blossoms, and their many stories from long ago, we touch upon something important. We believe it connects toward the development of an important sensibility which gives birth to the spirit of great harmony. Time will continue to move forward, and the future will continue as before, together with new stories born closely connected with cherry trees. We at Daiwa Sakura Aid will work with the spirit of "creating dreams, building hearts." We will protect the cherry trees, as well as the history, culture, art, and lifestyles they endow, and pass these on to future generations.

Daiwa Sakura Aid

With the spirit of great harmony

Takeo Higuchi
chief advisor
Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.

Our company name, "Daiwa House Industry" derives from the fact that our founder, Nobuo Ishibashi, was born in Yoshino, in Nara Prefecture (the country of "Yamato", an alternative reading of the characters for Daiwa).
The reason for using Daiwa rather than Yamato is to express the idea of wanting to maintain a "great harmony" in the running of the company, "great harmony" being a direct translation of "Daiwa".
Protecting the cherry tree that is symbolic of the spirit embodied in the history, culture, and traditions that Japan holds dear and preserving it for the future represents the essential spirit of the company that is "creating dreams, building hearts".

Passing on our "founding DNA" to the next generation

Keiichi Yoshii
President, CEO and COO
Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.

It was more than 90 years ago that our founder, Nobuo Ishibashi, was born in the mountains of Yoshino.
Raised in a family of woodcutters, he developed a love for nature and a deep love for the spirit and culture of Japan.
Our involvement in sapling-growing that arose out of continuity with our founder’s love of nature is making good progress and we have been returning the cherry trees we have grown to the mountains of Yoshino since 2015, the year we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our founding.
As we set our sights on our centenary in 2055, we intend to preserve the beautiful landscape of Mount Yoshino that has been cherished in Japan and pass it on to the next generation.

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Daiwa Sakura Aid

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