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Daiwa Sakura Aid Mission

Passing on the spirit of great harmony together with the cherry trees

Raised in a family of Yoshino woodcutters, our founder loved nature above all else and had a deep love for the spirit and culture of Japan. The company’s DNA made up by our founder, that honors the spirit of the Japanese people, will be passed down to the future by our involvement in cherry trees through Daiwa Sakura Aid, especially the cherry tree preservation work at Mount Yoshino and the Sakura Project.
As expressed by the concept of "live in harmony with the soil", a cherry tree cannot survive without soil. The activity has received ongoing support from a large number of people. By passing on the cherry tree to the next generation in partnership with these supporters, Daiwa House Group is also working to pass on a culture and tradition of which Japan should be proud.

Daiwa Sakura Aid

Efforts of Daiwa Sakura Aid

Efforts of Daiwa Sakura Aid (Short ver)

* The title of the person in the video is as of 2015

Wave of cherry-tree action has begun to expand

Partners with Daiwa House Group

Daiwa Lease Co., Ltd.

Support cherry tree preservation by bringing your unwanted clothes in to a nearby shopping complex.

Unwanted clothing is being collected at the following shopping complexes, with a five-yen donation being made to cherry tree preservation work for each kilogram collected.

Locations of BRING collection boxes
  1. 1. Frespo Inage (Chiba Prefecture)
  2. 2. Frespo Yashio (Saitama Prefecture)
  3. 3. Frespo Odawara City Mall (Kanagawa Prefecture)
  4. 4. BiVi Fujieda (Shizuoka Prefecture)
  5. 5. BiVi Nijyo (Kyoto Prefecture)
  6. 6. Frespo Higashiosaka (Osaka Prefecture)
  7. 7. Frespo Shinkana (Osaka Prefecture)
  8. 8. BRANCH Kobe Gakuen-Toshi (Hyogo Prefecture)
  9. 9. BiVi Fukuoka (Fukuoka Prefecture)
  10. 10. Frespo Tosu (Saga Prefecture)
  11. 11. Fresupo Jungle Park (Kagoshima Prefecture)

Together with our shareholders

Starting fiscal 2011, we have been receiving donations from our shareholders through our stockholder special benefit plan.

Money raised to date

FY2019 ¥3,052 thousand
FY2018 ¥2,708 thousand
FY2017 ¥2,810 thousand
FY2016 ¥2,682 thousand
FY2015 ¥2,121 thousand
FY2014 ¥1,658 thousand
FY2013 ¥1,617 thousand
FY2012 ¥1,207 thousand
FY2011 ¥888 thousand

The money is being utilized for the revitalization of the cherry trees of Mt. Yoshino through the local maintenance and management of a nursery and the cultivation of healthy cherry tree saplings.

Right: Atsushi Kitaoka, mayor of Yoshino
Left: Tamio Ishibashi, Executive Vice President, Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
* The title of the person in the photo is as of 2016

Together with concertgoers

We organize concerts in partnership with artists who support our activities to transmit the Japanese spirit to the next generation through involvement in the protection and preservation of cherry trees.
The concerts are also used to ask for donations to the cherry tree preservation work.

Together with visitors to Mount Yoshino

Every spring, large numbers of people come to Mount Yoshino to view the Shiroyamazakura cherry trees that grow on the slopes of the mountain. Each year we engage in fundraising for cherry tree preservation in partnership with the Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai (preservation association).
People who make donations are presented with copies of Daiwa House’s Sakura pamphlet, Hitohira booklet, and a cherry tree clear file folder.

Sakura pamphlet *Japanese Only
Daiwa Sakura Aid

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