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Offering a trusted Japanese brand – from initial development to after-sales service

We are engaged in the development and sale of condominium projects in various parts of China, leveraging the know-how and technological expertise we have accumulated during our operations in Japan to offer customers guaranteed safety and reliability. We are establishing a growing reputation for excellence among middle-class and wealthy home buyers, not only for high-quality housing, but also for our design of entire communities. We have also set up joint-venture housing and office management companies in Shanghai, Wuxi (Jiangsu Province), and Dalian (Liaoning Province), and are engaging in property management services in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nantong, and Dalian. These companies are laying the groundwork for a business involving condominium management and regional community creation as part of our expanding menu of aftersales services. Baoye Daiwa Industrialized House Manufacturing – a joint venture established in 2013 in the city of Shaoxing (Zhejiang Province) – is developing and expanding its production and sales of housing by industrialized methods.

Fujita has been doing business in China for over thirty years, and has been involved in the construction of manufacturing plants for Japanese-owned companies in the automotive and electronic appliance industries, among others. It has built a reputation as one of the top Japanese companies in the construction field. Against the backdrop of increasingly severe pollution problems in China, Fujita is also exploring possibilities in the environmental business market.


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