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ASEAN/South Asia

In the member countries of ASEAN in Southeast Asia, as well as in South Asia, where a large number of Japanese-owned companies have their production and manufacturing centers, we focusing on the development and construction of business-use facilities.
Leveraging our experience in the development of industrial parks and logistics facilities in Japan, we supply services to a large number of Japanese companies, including constructing rental factories and warehouses, and supplying serviced apartments for use by Japanese staff stationed overseas and their families. This enables these companies to safely conduct overseas operations.

Characteristics of our operations in ASEAN and South Asia

Our logistics facility development brands

The Group has developed over 330 logistics facilities in Japan, and we offer a one-stop service covering everything from construction to leasing. We develop facilities under the "D Project" and "DPL" brand names that meet corporate tenants' needs for business continuity planning.

Large-scale industrial park development

At Long Duc Industrial Park in the southern Vietnamese province of Đồng Nai, which we have developed in collaboration with our corporate partners, we offer buildings and complexes to suit the individual business model of each corporate partner. The park is a representative Group project to which we have attracted a number of Japanese companies.

Multifaceted business development

We operate hotels for business travelers and serviced apartments for staff of Japanese companies stationed overseas. We will be further expanding our operations in the near future, including Phases I and II in our condominium construction project.


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