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The Americas

The Group's housing operations in the United States have expanded into the rental housing management business – centered on single-family houses – and the condominium business.
Going forward, we aim to roll out a multifaceted business expansion in the United States. For the moment, our efforts will focus on the eastern, southern, and western regions of the country.
Group member Fujita is currently building a large number of corporate facilities in Mexico, leveraging its reputation as a Japanese construction company.
Fujita's focus is on the construction of automotive production plants and serviced apartment buildings for the workers at these plants.
By meeting the needs of each region where we operate, the Group is evolving into an organization that its customers cannot do without.

Characteristics of our operations in the Americas

Group Network

Our housing business in the US is carried on principally by Stanley Martin, CastleRock, and Trumark – three home builders with considerable experience in various parts of the country – thanks to which our US operations are following a solid trend. They not only supply quality homes, but also create local communities.

Rental housing business that meets market needs

Demand for rental housing in US cities across the country is rising as the population grows. In response to this, we have over ten projects in progress. In view of the likely population growth and rising rents over the near future, among other factors, we take a bullish stance on new projects.

Expanding business operations

Alongside our robust housing business, we are also planning to move into the business facility field by the end of fiscal 2026, which will be the final year of our next medium-term management plan.
We are helping build the sort of sustainable global supply chain, including commercial and logistics facilities, that will make possible a better standard of living for everyone.


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