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Takao Sakura City (sales completed)

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Community development that integrates residences with shops, including a large-scale commercial facility
Takao Sakura City (sales completed)

Hachioji City, Tokyo

Takao Sakura City is a combined development project in the city of Hachioji-one of Japan's leading university towns-located in the Tokyo Metropolitan Region. Here, the Daiwa House Group has leveraged its comprehensive capabilities to create a community where residences-single-family houses and condominiums-are integrated with shops, including a large-scale commercial facility.

  • Development area : 94,315m2
  • Total units : 83 Single-family houses, 416 Condominiums, 1 Commercial facility

Development background

Takao Sakura City is located seven minutes on foot from Takao Station, which is served by both the JR Chuo Line and the Keio Line. The project has been built on a large plot of land formerly occupied by a semiconductor manufacturing plant.

The project involved the integrated development of residences-single-family houses and condominiums-with a large-scale commercial facility. Work proceeded through collaboration among three of the Daiwa House's divisions-the Single-Family Houses business, the Condominiums business, and the Retail and Wholesale Facilities business. We announced at the start that our intention was to create homes, commercial facilities, and an entire community all of which boast high levels of added value. Toward this goal, we enlisted the cooperation of all companies in the Daiwa House Group as well as many outside enterprises, and together we investigated and tackled the many issues involved in the project, from both the human and physical construction perspectives.

Following our acquisition of the site for the project in December 2013, we commenced construction work, and completed construction of Premist Takao Sakura City (a condominium development) in October 2016 and of Securea Garden Takao Sakura City (a single-family home development) in January 2017. June 2017 saw completion of iias Takao, a large-scale commercial facility. In this way, this combined residential and retail development is growing steadily into a core community for the wider region.

Crime prevention and monitoring measures

Parks fitted with security cameras using cloud-computing services

In addition to security cameras installed in condominiums, we have also installed cameras at the entrance points of the residential blocks as a whole, and at the entrances of the parks, thus ensuring crime-deterrence measures for the entire community. A particularly attractive feature for residents is the ability to access-in real time-the images being recorded by the cameras installed at the parks. Each single-family home residents is provided with a secure password, with which they can check the images being taken by the cameras via the Internet, using PCs, smart phones, or other terminals.

Countermeasure and responses to disasters

Strengthening essential public utilities against earthquake damage

Gas is supplied at medium pressure to the condominiums in the development, while medium-pressure gas is also supplied to distribution stations close to the single-family house development. The pipes and conduits used to transport gas under medium pressure are designed to resist damage even from an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 7 on the Japanese scale. We anticipate that the delivery of gas can safely be continued even after an earthquake of this intensity.

In addition, the emergency electric power generator for the condominiums is located on the roof of the commercial facility, so that, even in the event of interruption of the supply of power from the utility by a natural disaster or an accident, a bare minimum supply of electricity to the condominiums (sufficient to power some of the elevators and the some of the illumination for the passageways and other communal spaces) can be maintained for around 72 hours.

Regular checks and maintenance of the emergency power generation equipment for the condominiums are carried out by Daiwa Energy Co., Ltd. and Daiwa House Realty Mgt. Co.,Ltd.

Housing Subdivision "Securea Garden Takao Sakura City" (sales completed) Housing Subdivision "Securea Garden Takao Sakura City" (sales completed)

Condominiums "Premist Takao Sakura City" (sales completed) Condominiums "Premist Takao Sakura City" (sales completed)

Providing lifestyle functions and services

"Sharing the Coolness"-for effective utilization of the commercial facility

We have instituted a scheme called "Sharing the Coolness" which is aimed at lowering energy across the entire community during Japan's hot summers. Holders of HeartOne cards (credit cards issued by the Daiwa House Group) who make purchases of more than a specified value at the community's commercial facility during the summer months will receive extra points. This encourages residents to spend time at the commercial facility, where they can enjoy the air-conditioned interior, rather than using electricity to power their own home air-conditioning. This cuts down on the amount of power consumed at home.

HeartOne cards are issued by Daiwa House Financial Co., Ltd.

Commercial facility "iias Takao" Commercial facility "iias Takao"

Community independence

Consultative committee formed by the residents' association and the commercial facility

Management associations have been organized for the single-family homesand for the condominiums. In addition, to ensure that the entire community-including the commercial facility-is run in a self-reliant manner, a consultative committee has been formed comprising representatives of the three separate management associations-for the single-family houses, the condominiums, and the commercial facility.

Support for the operation of the consultative committee, as well as for the holding of special events, is provided by Daiwa LifeNext Co., Ltd.

Communication between people and people

Holding events to foster community spirit

In principle, meetings of the board of directors of the consultative committee-comprising representatives of the management associations for the single-family houses, the condominiums, and the commercial facility-are held once every three months, and a general assembly is held once a year. These meetings give the residents the ability to proactively take part in the maintenance of the community. In addition, events are held roughly once every three months with the participation of residents of single-family houses and condominiums as well as owners of businesses and other persons with connections to the community. These events encourage the creation of a "community spirit."

Support for the operation of the consultative committee, as well as for the holding of special events, is provided by Daiwa LifeNext Co., Ltd.

Daiwa House's voice

Takao Sakura City is a project that combines single-family houses and condominiums with commercial facilities. The Daiwa House Group has optimally leveraged its unique mix of business and technical expertise in a wide range of fields to realize this project, which is the kind of community development for which Daiwa House is renowned.

Thanks to the collaboration of many staff members within the Group and many companies outside it, we were able to negotiate a variety of difficult hurdles, bringing this project to a successful conclusion and enabling us to offer a wide range of services.
Going forward, we will continue to take up the challenge of new community development, making the best use of the unique array of talents possessed by the Daiwa House Group.

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