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Lake Town Miwa-no Mori (sales completed)

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A water town that utilizes the power of wind, sun, greenery and nature
Lake Town Miwa-no Mori (sales completed)

Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture

"Lake Town Miwa-no Mori", a single-family residential area within Koshigaya Lake Town. We aimed for environmentally symbiotic town development with a passive design using natural forces such as wind, sun and greenery.

  • Development area: 32,585.73 m2
  • Total units: 132 in single-family residential area, 500 in condominium area

Development background

Koshigaya Lake Town, which opened in 2008, is a new town with a planned area of about 225.6ha and a planned population of about 22,400. In the district, aiming to become a "Hydrophilic culture creation city", a large-scale adjustment pond (lake) was built and maintenance was promoted as a countermeasure for total flood control and forming a new lifestyle using the waterside.
In the first competition for the project at Koshigaya Lake Town, we were obligated to develop a unitary development of single-family houses and condominiums and required to reduce CO2 by 20% or more* throughout the entire area. We created a proposal to actively tackle global warming through integrated development by arranging a single-family residential area (132 units) and a condominium area (500 units) facing each other on opposite sides of the waterside (canal).
As a result of our company being selected as the business operator from among several major competing home builders, we worked on creating a community while taking pride in our social responsibility to create this town as a "representative environment for symbiosis in Japan".

* For CO2 emissions associated with energy consumption used in ordinary households.

Single-family residential area / Condominium area

Consideration to safety

Protect people from cars with loop roads and virtual speed bumps

The roads in the town block were looped, suppressing the traffic of bypassing vehicles and unspecified number of people. Furthermore, the widths of the roads were partly narrowed, and virtual speed bumps (such as changing the color and material of the road pavement to some extent to make it seem like there is a real speed bump) painted in the intersections and main pedestrian walkways to reduce the speeds of vehicles, so that they would pay attention to pedestrians.
As measures against crime prevention and security, we created a living environment giving the impression that it was protected from the external environment by our development plan, such as by setting block peripheries. In addition, we gave consideration so that residents could watch out for each other by avoiding the creation of shadowy areas as much as possible with an open external structure plan.

Townscape with consideration for safety and security at "Lake Town Miwa-no Mori" Townscape with consideration for safety and security at "Lake Town Miwa-no Mori"

Formation and maintenance of a comfortable space

Passive design incorporating the cool breeze by the water

The street plan and building placement incorporates the cool breeze from the waterside (canal) into the town area. In order to effectively incorporate the cool wind flowing through the town into the residences, the winds around the buildings were calculated from the wind conditions and thermal simulations (Ooka Laboratory, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo), and the living and dining rooms were arranged for optimal wind effects. We also set up a vertical- sliding wind catcher window so that the wind flowing along the outer wall of the building can be taken into the building.
Also, in order to block the hot summer sun, a heat barrier screen was installed outside the window on the south side, and deciduous trees were planted in the garden to prepare the indoor environment.
Meanwhile, for the winter, we have installed high fences on the northwest outer circumference of the town so that cold northwest winds do not flow into the residential area.
We received cooperation from IWAMURA Atelier Inc. for supervision on the passive design.

Simulation of wind flow through the town Simulation of wind flow through the town

Community independence

To a green city loved by the residents with the adoption system

The town's tall fence and deciduous trees are maintained and managed by the administrative corporation as an asset to protect the city's comfort. The greenery in the publicly controlled parks and common spaces, which are used through an adoption system agreement that allows the administration to make agreements with the administrative corporation to manage it, are also maturing to become spaces loved by residents.
A neighborhood association was also established, acting as an organization connected to the local community, allowing the town to develop while sharing roles with the administrative corporation that maintains and manages the town.
The management of the administrative corporation is supported by Daiwa LifeNext Co., Ltd.

Harmony with the natural environment

Creating an environment where wild birds will fly

We are making efforts to revive the cycle of the ecosystem in the new town which is a treasure trove of wild birds, mainly water birds in Koshigaya City. For example, to entice wild birds to fly into the town, we provide spaces with porous cobble stones and plant fruit trees, making home for the insects that wild birds like. We also have set up bird baths in the garden for birds to visit.
The trees in the town area were grown locally in Saitama Prefecture, and care was taken when planting them so that they would become well rooted.
A survey of the animals and plants around the planned site was performed with the cooperation of Earth Planning & Work.Inc.

Bird bath installed in the garden Bird bath installed in the garden

Conservation of traditional culture

Reproducing the scenery of Suigo (riverside) Koshigaya

We have reproduced the Shirakashi (bamboo leaved oak) high fences that were used in old times by old homes in Koshigaya to shut out the northern wind at the large-scale area developed so that this cultural landscape will be passed on to the future.
The Metasequoia (dawn redwood) planted in Miwa-no Mori Park is a species imported from overseas, but many of these trees are planted along the Naka River near the city hall, and symbolizes the landscape of "Suigo Koshigaya".
So, as a symbol of this, we have planted these along the canal.

The high fences that have protected the old houses from ancient times reproduce the landscape of Suigo. The high fences that have protected the old houses from ancient times reproduce the landscape of Suigo.

Owner's voice

  • On summer nights, we open the large window and let the breeze flow into the house. Everyone living along the street does the same and prefers the wind over the air conditioner. As I drive home, I see many houses doing the same, so I feel, everyone is doing their best and I must do the same! With lots of greenery, and a relaxed environment where we can bring up our children, I am very satisfied that I chose this town to live in.
  • My father-in-law who does not live with us really likes our house and comes over every weekend to do some gardening.
  • The house itself has high thermal insulation, contributing to energy savings, so utility costs can be kept down. In addition, the whole town has been arranged with consideration to the wind environment, so air flow is very good, allowing us to live without relying on air conditioners. And, the ground surface temperature is kept down by sufficient planting of plants and trees. I am pleased that this environmentally friendly situation has been created by these synergistic effects.
  • Despite our house having almost the same layout as our previous house, this house allows you to feel a comfortable breeze blow in as soon as the windows are open just a little, so I can feel more comfortable.

* Owner's voice is as of 2010.

Daiwa House's voice

We have received many requests for field tours so far and have guided many people around the town. We have had visitors from not only the real estate and construction industries, but also other industries, as well as visitors from overseas. We are very thankful for the interest generated in so many people for our efforts at "Lake Town Miwa-no Mori." We hope, for the people who visit "Lake Town Miwa-no Mori" that it may become a catalyst to help them think about the global environment.

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