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Note: The community shown here is an idealized depiction.

All the things Daiwa House Group community development can do

Here you can learn about the things Daiwa House group focuses most on and the things it engages itself most for in developing new communities

Note: The community shown here is an idealized depiction.


Welcome to the World of
Daiwa House Group Community Development

Here you can learn about the things Daiwa House group focuses most on and the things it engages itself most for in developing new communities

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Single-family Houses

We work with customers to create with them homes for a lifetime, to deliver comfortable living in beauty to their inhabitants.


Rental Housing

We help owners pass their treasured properties on to future generations of their families.



Working to deliver livability informed by comfort, safety, and security and undiminishing long-term asset value, we provide condominiums that are a good fit for their localities all over Japan.



Our Livness program functions as a home-owner’s concierge with nationwide coverage, providing support and solutions for all manner of living-space issues.


Shopping Centers

We develop and build shopping centers capable of providing diverse values and serving as vibrant hubs of activity for their local communities.


Logistics Facilities

Adeptly exploiting the latest technology to provide full up- and downstream logistics support—everything from overall management and warehouse operations to transport and delivery—as well as long-term storage, we help customers streamline their logistics with total, one-stop services.


Medical and Nursing Care Facilities

We supply spaces designed to be pleasant for patients and personnel alike, housed in environmentally and seismically sound structures premised on safety, security, environmentally friendliness, and business viability.



We draw on an extensive database of land and property attributes to help clients and customers find the optimal conditions for siting their business locations.



We’re proactive in developing environmentally friendly factories that adroitly use advanced environmental and energy-saving equipment, offering manufacturing clients ideas pointing the way forward with their deployment of smart management systems.


Solar Power

We have long been working to development and deploy Earth-friendly solar generations systems and want to contribute to addressing environmental issues by leveraging the know-how we’ve accumulated.


Wind power

We develop environmentally sound plans for siting generation facilities that take timing into account, allowing us to use wind power initiatives as a catalyst for opening lines of lively communication with local residents.


Environmental Greening

We’re helping to make people’s lives all the richer by increasing the greenery in towns. In addition to flowers and plants that mark the seasons, we’re creating spaces where people can enjoy nature within urban settings.



We leverage our know-how maximizing the value of properties in operating parking facilities nationwide.


Car rentals

We work to provide reasonably priced rental cars from easily accessible locations, mainly parking facilities we manage nationwide.


Strip malls

Across the country we provide strip and mini-malls featuring storefronts beloved by their communities. We offer the gamut of relevant services from planning, development, and construction to tenant leasing, management, and day-to-day operation.


Business and City Hotels

We operate hotels sited and kitted out for convenience throughout Japan, all designed to satisfy both business and leisure travelers.


Golf Courses

Of the attractions of any golf course, its scenic beauty and how it exploits its natural contours count among biggest. We operate reputable courses with characteristics like these underpinned by relaxingly spacious club houses.


Fitness Clubs

We help people get and stay in shape, both mentally and physically, creating environments where everyone from little kids to great-grandparents can enjoy interacting with each other while getting some exercise.


Home Centers

Our home centers are indispensable to area residents as places supplying a full range of products and services for enhancing comfort and convenience.


Fee-Based Homes for the Elderly

Conceptualized on “quality living among caring fellow travelers treasuring every day,” we provide places for rich post-retirement living.


Open Innovation Locations

Under the theme of “Change for the World—for the Future—Starts Here,” we’re helping formulate growth strategies for Japan by giving birth to global businesses as well as contributing to solutions for the issuing facing the world.


Mixed-Use Properties (Hospitality, commercial, and retail)

In developing mixed-user properties, we’re careful about configuring them optimally for the places they will serve by working from an image of how those communities’ constituents will interact and grow together.



Whether you are on an inland flight or from abroad, we help make your trip smooth and pleasant


Airport facilities

We configure airport space to be full of entertaining aspects as well as conducive to comfortable and smooth movement.



We help make it easier and more pleasant for people to get where they’re going with roadways designed to shorten travel times.



We build roads that connect communities with one another


Station Buildings

Building on knowledge accumulated over decades of experience, we make stations to smooth people’s way to where they need to go.



We build bridges that not only conveniently and pleasantly connect, but also traverse waterways to shorten travel times.


Track & Field Facilities

We have been involved in creating some of the worlds largest sporting-event venues—spaces where moments of excitement turn into memories of a lifetime!



We help build schools to do our part in ensuring a bright future for kids.


Academic and Research Buildings

We build academic and research buildings in the hope that our efforts will help further scientific and technical progress, foster the human resources of the future, and—by extension—contribute to Japan’s economic growth.



We help with spaces for people to enjoy plants and whatever is in bloom throughout the year.



We’re active in transport across a wide range of geographical areas. A business built on the rich experience and know-how accumulated in the logistics of construction and building materials, it serves the diverse needs of customers with one-stop services encompassing not only transport, but the configuring of whole transport systems as well.


Post-sale services

We help customers maintain the comfort and security of their homes once they are built with long-term guarantees and maintenance plans.



Working to foster spaces that are conducive to drawing on ideas and perspectives making the most of diverse values and lifestyles, we actively engage in developing places where all kinds of people can flourish.



We engage in initiatives to ensure that future generations can enjoy the cherry blossoms, and to convey to them the lifestyles, arts and crafts, culture, and history that cherry blossoms embody—gifts from our past, and treasures of Japan for ourselves of tomorrow.


Osaka Castle Park
Park management business

We help carry Japan’s history and culture into the future


(Housing subdivisions)

We’re hard at work suggesting ideas for sustainable living spaces and lifestyles with a small environmental footprint.


Built-to-order Houses

Our Lifegenic houses are sold online, where customers can enjoy the experience of easily configuring their new home to fit their lifestyles perfectly.


Daiwa Logistics
Logistics Facilities

We develop logistics centers equipped with full LED lighting to be proactively environmental sound.


Mixed-Use Residential Properties
(Hotels and condominiums)

We’re involved in mixed-use residential properties that combine hotels and condominiums.


MIRAI KACHI KYOSO Center (“Kotokurie”)

“Kotokurie” is a venue for people of all generations, young and old alike, to come together and think, learn, and grow together—a place for fostering the human capital that will co-create with society the value in the future (“Future Value Co-Creators”)—hence its name, which means “center for co-creating future value.”



We’re also involved in developing leisure and sport venues where local residents can enjoy themselves.


Rental Housing

We help families pass on to future generations the treasured properties their forbearers have left them.


Rental Houses with Garages

We provide rental house project proposals based on clearly defined concepts to fulfill customer’s needs and preferences of all kinds.


Mixed-use Buildings with Clinics

We developing mixed-use buildings designed to address numerous needs, including co-siting of clinics and enhanced profitability, siting them where their locations can be leveraged to best effect.


Rental Residential Properties
with Childcare Facilities

We offer customers ideas for facilities that go beyond merely satisfying the customer to be best fits for their sites with respect to local community needs.


Data Centers

We support new ways of working and Japan’s ongoing digital transformation, safekeeping data in robust buildings on solid high ground with low liquefaction or tsunami risk during disasters.


Logistics Facilities

Our logistics facilities of course feature operations streamlined {with automation for greater efficiency and labor savings}, but they also have childcare facilities for employees and pleasant, fully air-conditioned work environments. They also bring vibrance to the townscape with outdoor decks, cafeterias, and other venues for interaction with area residents.

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