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Sakura Project tree planting map

We are plotting places participated in the project on the Japanese map and reporting progress.
In addition to the total number of trees planted, the number of schools and number of participants so far, detailed information such as the name of the school and the number of participants can be seen.

Passing the spirit of Japan on to the future SAKURA PROJECT Cherry tree planting map

Number of schools conducted
Number of trees planted
Number of participants in Japanese
Number of participants in tree planting ceremony

Would you like to participate in the Sakura Project?

Enjoying Japanese musical instruments and cultivating cherry tree saplings around Japan

First kindergarten, then school, … finally graduation.
Cherry trees are forever part of our memories.
We provide powerful performances of Japanese musical instruments and conduct cherry tree plantings in the wish that the sight of fallen cherry blossoms will give children a sense of the spirit of great harmony and lodge wonderful memories in their hearts.

Application for Sakura project is from Japanese page

Sakura pamphlet *Japanese Only
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