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List of Daiwa House Social Media official account

List of Official Accounts

The official accounts approved by our company are as follows. Please be careful of suspicious follow requests and DMs from accounts impersonating our official accounts.


Account Daiwa House LINE official account
URL http://nav.cx/3Bktyjm
Theme/purpose This is the LINE official account operated by Daiwa House Industry. We disseminate information on our custom-built houses, condominiums, and Liveness (purchase and sale of existing homes).
Other points to note Please note that this account cannot reply to individual messages.


Account Daiwa House (Daiwa House Group)
URL https://www.facebook.com/DaiwaHouse
Theme/purpose This is the official Facebook page of the Daiwa House Group operated and managed by Daiwa House Industry. It provides a variety of information useful for your daily life, from information on homes such as Daiwa House Industry houses and condominiums to hints on land utilization. We also disseminate information from each group company.
Account Daiwa House condominium group “Premist Club”
URL https://www.facebook.com/premistclub
Theme/purpose This is the official Facebook page of Daiwa House Industry's condominium group “Premist Club.”
We post useful articles about homes and lifestyles, and little-known gourmet information from all over the country. We also disseminate information about the activities of the Premist Club to support your everyday living.
Account Daiwa House Condominium (traditional Chinese) Facebook page
URL https://www.facebook.com/premistclub.fa
Theme/purpose This is the official page that provides information about Daiwa House condominiums in traditional Chinese. We post information about condominiums for sale.


Account Our official promotional Twitter account
URL https://twitter.com/daiwahouse_PR
Theme/purpose This is the official promotional Twitter account operated by Daiwa House Industry.
Other points to note This Twitter is used only to post information about promotions; please note that it cannot respond to any inquiries, etc.


Account Daiwa House Group official YouTube channel
URL https://www.youtube.com/user/Daiwahouse
Theme/purpose This is the official YouTube account of the Daiwa House Group. We upload various videos such as our latest TV commercials and event videos.
Account Daiwa House security-focused rental housing
URL https://www.youtube.com/user/DaiwahouseDroom
Theme/purpose This channel provides videos that introduce examples of security-focused rental housing (equipped with a home security system as standard) designed and constructed by Daiwa House. We design and build rental housing where residents can live safely and securely.


Account Daiwa House Industry (daiwahouse_official)
URL https://www.instagram.com/daiwahouse_official/
Theme/purpose This is the official Instagram account operated and managed by Daiwa House Industry. This account mainly conveys the living spaces, etc. proposed by Daiwa House Industry through photographs.
Account Home full of stories by Daiwa House (daiwahouse_story)
URL https://www.instagram.com/daiwahouse_story/
Theme/purpose These are the homes you will want to live in. This account tells the stories of special homes and wonderful lives.
What is a peaceful life for each and every one of us? What kind of home creates comfortable “living”?
This “Home full of stories by Daiwa House” Instagram account posts series of images that make you think about such things.
It tells the stories of families living in various ways in Daiwa House homes.
Account Top Designer by Daiwa House
URL https://www.instagram.com/topdesigner_by_daiwahouse/