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Environmental Action Plan

Eco-friendly Products & Case

Single-Family HousesHouses with External Heat Insulating Wall ("xevo")


Pursuing safety and peace of mind.

There is nothing more important to us than the safety and peace of mind of those who live in our homes.
This is the starting point of Daiwa House's homebuilding, and it has not changed since our company was first founded in 1955.
This is why as a pioneer in house construction, we have always applied cutting-edge technological capabilities along with the power of an industry-leading group to continuously improve performance and quality in terms of technology, production, workmanship, and after-sale service.
Providing safety and peace of mind. Daiwa House's strong homes.
Solid under any circumstances, always comfortable, and constantly supporting the lives of those who dwell within for years to come.

Key Points

1. Achieving both superior durability and energy conservation. Exterior walls with excellent heat insulation.

With the traditional "fill insulation" method of placing insulating material between columns, the columns and other such structures would convey external heat or chill into the rooms.
Daiwa House is leading the rest of the industry by applying insulating material to the exteriors of columns, adopting an "External Heat Insulating and Ventilation Exterior Wall construction technique." By reducing the effect of outside air, this prevents condensation inside the walls while contributing to reductions in the cost of both heating and cooling.

  • *The amount of cost reduction varies depending on certain product and location conditions.
  • *Image shows xevo Σ.

External Heat Insulating and Ventilation Exterior Wall

2. Taking advantage of limitless clean solar energy. Daiwa House's solar power systems.

Solar power is limitless and clean, and produces less CO2 emissions than any other power generation method on Earth. Sunlight is something we are all familiar with, and it is fair to say that it is the most reliable resource of all today.
Daiwa House's solar power system takes this sunlight and converts it to energy that can be effectively used in your everyday life. Not only can the generated electricity be used in the home without waste, you can also sell it to help with your household budget. This flexibility is helping further popularize solar power among ordinary homeowners. Daiwa House is providing its HEMS (Home Energy Management System), which deftly uses solar power as part of the home's entire energy system, standard with all of its detached housing products.

Solar Power System

3. Comfortable living that takes advantage of the power of nature. "Passive design" homes.

"Passive design" refers to the technology that allow those living in a home to live in comfort with nature without the need to give anything up, by providing shade from the sun, letting out hot air, letting air flow through the home, and so on. As global warming is becoming a serious problem, we must consider ways of living that are not overly dependent on equipment. To achieve a comfortable lifestyle that is easy on the planet, it is important to interact intelligently with nature. This also leads to a lifestyle that is easy on people.

Passive Design Conceptual Rendering

4. The "Eco Navigator" simulates plans that are easy on both the Earth and the household budget.

When planning each home, Daiwa House runs heating and lighting cost simulations close to the actual figures by calculating heat insulation performance (Q), detailed climate along with electricity, and gas company pricing for each region, and the family makeup and lifestyle patterns of the customers. We then propose a combination of eco-friendly items in an energy-conserving plan and home that are both optimized for the customer and easy on the planet.

For using the Eco Navigator to propose environmentally-conscious homes, Daiwa House was awarded the 9th Green Purchasing Award for Excellence (Fiscal 2007).

Eco Navigator Heating and Lighting Cost Simulation(Japanese Only)


Number One Ranking Achieved Eight Years in a Row
Approximately Half of Homes Built for Sale Certified as Environmentally Symbiotic Housing
In Fiscal 2014, Daiwa House was ranked #1 for general results in construction in the "Environmentally Symbiotic Housing Certification."

Daiwa House treats "environmentally symbiotic housing" as the homes that will help lead us to a low-carbon and sustainable society, and has used indices indicating the progress of the spread of these homes as an indicator of our track record in working towards "building cities in harmony with nature" as part of our philosophy of "co-creating a brighter future" with the natural environment. As a result of approximately half of Daiwa House's detached homes being certified as environmentally friendly, our construction results achieved a number one ranking in Fiscal 2014.

  • *Environmentally symbiotic housing: In order to make the environment surrounding people and residences a better place, the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation certifies homes built based on a philosophy of "conserving the environment," "harmonized with the surrounding environment," and "healthy and comfortable living environment" as "environmentally symbiotic housing."
  • *The Daiwa House building results are calculated based on sales results.

"SMAxECO City Yoshikawa-Minami" in Yoshikawa, Saitama

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