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Environmental Action Plan

Eco-friendly Products & Case

Environmental EnergyEnergy Conservation Solutions


Offering Reduced Building Energy Costs and Improved Property Values

As construction professionals, we at Daiwa House have continued to pursue the construction of spaces where people can live in comfort.
By making full use of this know-how, we can reduce energy consumption and increase building energy efficiency through the adoption of high-efficiency equipment and energy conservation in our buildings, without changing how comfortable the living spaces are.

Key Points

1. Adopting high-efficiency facilities and equipment

By upgrading previous lighting, air conditioning, and other equipment to high-efficiency equipment, it is possible to reduce energy consumption.

<Main Details of Offering>

  • High-Efficiency Reflective Lighting
  • LED Lighting Fixtures
  • High-Efficiency Air Conditioning System
  • High-Efficiency Hot-Water Heaters, Etc.

High-Efficiency Lighting

High-Efficiency Air Conditioning

2. Improved heat insulation performance in buildings

By improving a building's heat insulation performance, it is possible to reduce the impact of air conditioning and conserve energy.

<Main Details of Offering>

  • Window Insulation (Inner Window Construction, Multi-Layered Glass, Heat Insulation Film)
  • External Wall Heat Insulation (Covered Construction, Replacement Construction, Heat-Insulating Coating)
  • Insulated Roof (Covered Construction, Heat Insulation Sheet Construction)
  • Green Roofs, Etc.

Window Insulation (Inner Window Construction)

Insulated Roof (Covered Construction)

3. Improving operations by "visualizing" power consumption

By installing a BEMS* with electric power "visualization" and air conditioning control functions, it is possible to manage energy at multiple base.

*BEMS: Building Energy Management System


4. Peak-shifting through the installation of storage batteries

By storing power in batteries at night, it is possible to supply power during peak usage time periods by using the batteries, thereby achieving a "peak-shift."

<Main Details of Offering>

  • Stationary Lithium-Ion Storage Batteries
  • Portable Lithium-Ion Storage Batteries (2.5 kWh)
  • Solar Storage Plus (Solar Power + Batteries), Etc.

Peak-Shifting with Storage Batteries(Japanese Only)

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