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Eco-friendly Products & Case



Daiwa House has brought its experience building over a million homes and the know-how it has earned to bear in building its "PREMIST" condominium.
We offer condominiums that give consideration to the environment and disaster prevention, with a goal of providing a high level of added property value for our customers and society.

Key Points

1. Offering a lifestyle based on the intelligent use of energy by achieving energy creation and conservation in condominiums as well

As Daiwa House seeks to offer excellent heat insulation and energy conservation as well as lower heating, lighting, and other running costs in condominiums throughout the nation, we are also planning condominiums that give consideration to the global environment while promoting the adoption of energy creation and conservation specifications and equipment.
Specifically, with heat insulation specifications compliant with Next-Generation Energy Efficiency Standards (from 1999),* Daiwa House offers high-efficiency hot-water heaters and LED lighting, fluorescent down-light lighting, equipment for visualizing energy, and increasing numbers of environmentally friendly condominiums that reduce CO2 emissions below the amounts generated by previous condominiums.

*Housing performance display system energy-saving measure class 4 (1999 standards)

Solar Power System

2. Promoting the installation of disaster countermeasure facilities and equipment in case of emergency

Daiwa House promotes the installation of systems to provide drinking water in case lifelines are temporarily cut during earthquakes or other disasters, emergency toilets, benches that can be used as ovens during emergencies, and other disaster countermeasures.

Cascade Garden for Use as Drinking Water during Emergencies

Emergency Drinking Water Generation Equipment

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