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Environmental Action Plan

Eco-friendly Products & Case



Towards an office environment with zero environmental impact. Changing the future of offices.

As society demands greater environmental responsiveness from corporations, including reduced energy costs and compliance with the Energy Saving Act, the national government of Japan has also set forth a "ZEB" (Net Zero Energy Building) policy while promoting efforts aimed at achieving this goal by 2030.
At the same time, Daiwa House is applying the system construction know-how and advanced environmentally conscious items it has cultivated up to this point in order to offer a "D's SMART OFFICE" (environmentally conscious office) that works under a diverse range of corporate conditions, such as industries, business categories, scales, and so on.

Key Points

1. Reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 50% with environmental performance that goes one step beyond the rest of the industry

CO2 Emissions with 100 Representing Daiwa House's Previous Construction Methods

2. Complete offering of environmentally conscious items

Based on pillars of passive control (which utilizes the power of nature), active control (which involves creating, conserving, and storing energy), and smart management (which appropriately controls these elements), Daiwa House is improving environmental performance of buildings as a whole.

[Main Environmental Items](Japanese Only)

Fiscal 2012 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (Energy Conservation Case Study) METI Minister Award (CGO or Corporation)

Based on Daiwa House's efforts at achieving ZEB* in offices by promoting its Smart-Eco Project, Daiwa House was awarded the Fiscal 2012 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (Energy Conservation Case Study) with the highest rank of "METI Minister Award (CGO or Corporation)" by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan.

*ZEB (Net Zero Energy Building): A building with a net consumption of zero or roughly zero energy.

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