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Decarbonization in community development

63% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030

In terms of community development (usage of buildings sold), in principle, all buildings will be ZEH (-M) or ZEB*, and all buildings will be equipped with solar power generation systems.

* ZEH(-M)/ZEB: Refers to Zero Energy Houses (and condominiums), and Zero Energy Buildings that are designed to achieve net zero primary energy consumption yearly, by improving the energy-saving performance with insulation and energy-efficient equipment, and creating energy through solar power generation or similar means.

Greenhouse gas reduction targets in community development (Scope 3 category 11)

Single-Family Houses
Rental Housing

Fiscal 2030 targets

ZEH(-M) rate Solar panelsinstallation rate In principle 100%

Our main products are all ZEH compliant in the single-family houses business. We are also developing ZEH products for renewable energy self-sufficiency that utilize storage batteries that can rely on the generated electricity at night and during disasters. In the area of rental housing, we launched TORISIA, which satisfies ZEH-M standard, in October 2022, in an effort to increase ZEH-M. The schedule for condominiums will be moved up by two years from initial targets and all PREMIST brand condominium units constructed after fiscal 2024 will be built to ZEH-M specifications.

We are also moving forward to reach our target of having solar power systems installed on all roofs, in general, in each of our businesses.

* Only the main products are listed

Commercial Facilities
Logistics, Business & Corporate Facilities

Fiscal 2030 targets

ZEB rate Solar panelsinstallation rate In principle 100%

Our ability to make ZEB proposals has been heightened by the accumulation of energy-saving and energy-generation technologies and know-how, cultivated through the conversion of our own facilities to ZEB and the construction of a variety of ZEB properties for a wide range of uses. By combining this strength with the Group’s prowess in land proposals, we are able to support our customers’ ZEB development and meet their needs for decarbonization.

ZEB proposal capability*Land proposal capability Daiwa House Group ZEB result

Realizing solar power system installation on all buildings with the onsite PPA business

The Group proposes ZEB-specification buildings and installation of solar power generation systems to its customers.
For customers who have difficulty installing solar power generation systems due to cost and other issues, we offer “onsite PPA*.” We are uniquely qualified to offer such proposals owing to our development of the environmental energy business, and we are committed to facilitating customer efforts to reduce their electricity rates and GHG emissions.

Onsite PPA Basic Scheme

*Onsite PPA: A business model in which we set up renewable energy power generation facilities free of charge on the roofs of facilities owned by clients. The generated energy is supplied directly to their facilities.

In order to promote the use of solar power and other renewable energies in Japan, we are strengthening our EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) business, which involves the design and construction of renewable energy power plants, and our IPP (independent power producer) business, which is a power generation business. By fiscal 2030, our aim is to build renewable energy supply facilities and equipment capable of generating more than 5,000 MW of electricity, and to generate 2,500 MW of electricity at our own facilities.

Renewable energy supply facilities and construction results of facilities (Cumulative power output)
  • * Calculated with average household power consumption of 4,322 kWh/year (1kW=1,100kWh)

Community development with 100% renewable energy

The Group’s greatest feature is our ability to undertake complex community development in a wide range of buildings, from single-family houses to condominiums and commercial facilities. Combining this with our renewable energy power generation business has led to Funabashi Grand Oasis becoming Japan’s first community development to use 100% renewably generated electricity*. We will continue our efforts at sustainable community development that only the Daiwa House Group can offer.

* Community development that supplies 100% renewable energy from “construction” to “daily life” (Japan’s first, according to the Company’s inhouse research).

3. Specific Initiatives Under Our
Carbon Neutral Strategy

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