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Helping Japanese companies move overseas through development of industrial park

Daiwa House is participating in the development of
a large-scale industrial park in Indonesia, a key driver of Southeast Asia’s economic growth.
We are constructing factories and attracting businesses with a focus on Japanese companies.
And we are actively involved in the development of a logistics center and operations of rental factories to meet the country’s demands for logistics facilities.
It’s a variety of initiatives like these that help to contribute to the promotion of local employment.

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the Daiwa Manunggal Industrial Park

Total development area
1,450 hectares
(as of February 1, 2017)
*Including scheduled sites

In Indonesia, meanwhile, we are participating in the development of an industrial park in collaboration with local corporate partners, where we are undertaking construction under contract and operating a rental factory business. In addition to our superior system for construction of factories within the park, the location is excellent, being close to downtown Jakarta as well as to an expressway interchange, and with good access to Jakarta Airport and port facilities. Our proposals have been very positively received by many Japanese companies. In 2016, we plan to start up a version of our D-Project logistics facility rental business format, modified to suit Indonesian market needs. This is part of our further development of logistics facilities to meet the needs of Japanese enterprises setting up in business in Indonesia, as well as the growing requirement for such facilities among companies serving the country’s expanding domestic demand.

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