External Evaluation

External Evaluation of Daiwa House Industry's IR

Inclusion of Daiwa House Industry in ESG indices

FTSE4Good Index Series
The ESG Investment Index made by London Stock Exchange Group’s FTSE Russell. The index began in 2001 and is characteristic because of its operation with a multi-stakeholder committee made up of investors, labor unions, NGOs and more, that protect its independence. Daiwa House Industry has been a member since March of 2005. Rating: 3.9
(Out of 5.0)

* Current as of June 29,
953 companies
In Japan
152 companies
FTSE Blossom Japan Index
Used by the GPIF (Global Pension Investment Fund), which is the world’s largest pension fund, as an ESG index that includes Japanese companies. In Japan
155 companies
MSCI World ESG Leaders Index
The ESG Investment Index made by Morgan Stanley Group’s MSCI. Characteristic as an index that considers the target company’s production characteristics while providing evaluations based on high priority ESG issues. Ourcompany has received the high evaluation of “AA” since fiscal 2013. Rating: AA
(From within the 7
levels from “AAA”
to “CCC”)

* Within the top 25% of
incorporated Japanese
* Current as of June 29,
844 companies
MSCI World SRI Index
398 companies
MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index
The GPIF uses this as an investment target as it is an index that includes Japanese companies.
For an explanation about the logo, please check the following link.
In Japan
251 companies
STOXX® Global ESG Leaders
The ESG Index made by STOXX, an ESG survey and data provider from Holland. Based on the ESG data provided by Sustainalytics*, our company has been incorporated into this index since fiscal 2016.
* This is an ESG Survey and data provider from Holland. Has been ranked as the “Best Independent Socially Responsible Investing Research Firm” for three years (From fiscal 2013 to 2015 according to IRRI)
Score is
403 companies
* Current as of
October 2017
Dow Jones Sustainability Induces
An ESG index that was co-created with the American publishing company S&P Dow Jones Indices and the Swiss survey and rating firm Robecco SAM. Our company has been classified
to the real estate sector and we have been incorporated into the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia
Pacific Index (DJSIAsia Pacific) since fiscal 2013.
Total score:
58 points
(our of 100)
* Current as of September
* Within the top 30% for
the sectors and regions
on the left
Asia and Pacific
150 companies
* Current as of
September 2018
S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index
S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index" is ESG Index which GPIF adopted as for investment asset class targeting Japanese company. We are rated as most high performed carbon efficiency in real estate world and disclosure of information in greenhouse effect gases. Index weight:
0.49 %
Decile classification:1
Carbon disclosure status:Disclosed
In Japan 1694 companies
* Current as of
September 2018

An ESG Index created by the NGO Forum Ethibel, headquartered in Belgium. Component companies maintain above average performance regarding ESG in all regions throughout the world. Our company has been incorporated in the Ethibel Excellence Investment Register since December 7, 2016.

An investment management company headquartered in Luxembourg and Milan that has created various ESG indices separated by business type, region and theme. Our company has been incorporated since fiscal 2016.

An index that targets Japanese companies that was jointly created by Morningstar Japan K.K. and the non-profit organization the Center for Public Resources Development. Our company has been incorporated since July 2003 when the index was officially announced.

Nadeshiko Brand (METI/TSE) award
A program jointly created by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange that introduces companies, by business type, that are actively taking efforts to promote the careers of female employees and create an environment where females will continue working and designates them as a publicly-listed company with good female empowerment practices (for TSE first section, TSE second section, TSE Mothers and JASDAQ). Since designated companies also have “management ability that promotes diverse human resources” and “adaptability to environmental changes,” these companies can be thought of as “companies with potential for growth.” Our company was designated for the 4th consecutive year in fiscal 2018.

New Diversity Management Selection 100 (METI) award
A program created by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that evaluates companies on their innovation, productivity growth and results that are achieved through the maximum utilization of female, elderly, foreign, disabled, diverse career persons. In addition, our company was the first in the housing/buildings industry to receive both the Nadeshiko Brand award and the New Diversity Management Selection 100 award at the same time in March 2016.

Competitive IT Strategy Company
The Competitive IT Strategy company is a co-started endeavor from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange that not only introduces desirable companies to investors from the perspective of increase in corporate value in the medium- to long-term, but also promotes efforts that companies take for “Competitive IT Management.” Companies are chosen from publiclylisted companies (TSE first section, TSE second station, TSE Mothers and JASDAQ) based on IT efforts that bring about increases in productivity, earnings, management innovation and new value creation. Our company has been chosen for the 3rd consecutive year in fiscal 2018.

Recognition by other major external parties

Received an A- evaluation at the CDP (2017 Climate Change Report, 2017 Water Report)

In the “2017 CDP Climate Change Report” and the “2017 Water Report” selected by the international non-governmental organization CDP, Daiwa House Industry received a score of A-. CDP is an international non-governmental organization founded in 2000 in England and has accumulated the signatures of many institutional investors (more than 800 for climate change, more than 600 for water). Every year CDP sends out questionnaires to companies, compiles their answers and publishes results and evaluations on strategies and activities.

Rated in the highest rank in the DBJ Environmentally Rated Loan Program

Our company was rated in the highest rank in the DBJ Environmentally Rated Loan Program,* operated by Development Bank of Japan Inc. (“DBJ”), and received loans based on this rating. The four points that were particularly highly evaluated included 1) we formulated an environmental action plan integrated with our business strategy, and promoted the dissemination of “Smart & Eco” products; 2) we have made efforts to expand environmental protection-oriented businesses, including the existing home business and the environmental greening business; 3) we have established proprietary guidelines concerning wood procurement and chemical substance management, as well as the comprehensive CSR Procurement Guidelines, thereby aiming to establish an environment- and CSR-conscious supply chain; and 4) we have identified priority themes through stakeholders’ meetings, and have continuously disclosed our targets and achievements based on pre-specified KPIs. We will make further efforts to promote environmental management so that we will be continuously rated in the highest rank.
*This is the first loan product in the world that uses a specialized method for environmental rating, where DBJ evaluates the environmental management level of companies in accordance with its proprietary screening (rating) system, and specifies loan conditions based on that evaluation.

Ranked 31st in the CSR Corporate Ranking by Toyo Keizai

Daiwa House Industry was ranked 31st in the latest edition (February 17, 2018 issue) of the CSR Corporate Ranking published by the Japanese economic journal Toyo Keizai every year. Toyo Keizai Inc. published this ranking after examining and assessing the 1,413 companies that were mentioned in the 2018 edition of CSR Kigyo Soran (CSR Compendium) in terms of the utilization of human resources, the environment, corporate governance, and impact on society, as well as financial data.

CSR evaluation

Environment Corporate
on society
83.5 97.3 95.8 92.3

Financial evaluation

Growth Profitability Safety Scale
83.7 77.1 89.7 100.0

Ranked in 50th place in the Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking

Channel NewsAsia, CSR Asia, and Sustainalytics select the top 100 sustainability firms in Asia, from the viewpoint of ESG (environment, society and governance). In FY 2016, we were ranked in 50th place (1st place in the Japanese construction and real estate industry) among the approx. 1,200 target firms.

Health and Productivity Company

The Health and Productivity Company Program is a program that honors middle to large sized businesses for their efforts for good health management based on efforts according to regional health issues and measures to promote health that have been published by the Japan Health Council. Through the visualization of “Good Companies” that make efforts to promote health, the program aims to develop and environment that can receive social evaluations such as “a company that strategically works toward health promotion of employees from a management perspective” from employees, jobseekers, affiliated companies and financial institutions etc. Our company was certified as “Health and Productivity Company 2018” in the large-scale business category (White 500) in February 2018. As Group companies, the following four companies were certified.
■ In the large-scale business category: Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. and Daiwa Lease Co., Ltd.
■ In the medium-scale business category: Daiwa Energy Co., Ltd. and Media Tech Inc.

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