Robotics Business

Leveraging robotics to realize a pleasant working environment and provide a lifestyle enabling people to get older without undue worry

Japan currently faces the serious issue of a dwindling work force, owing to the twin trends of a declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people. Against this backdrop, considerable hopes are being pinned on the use of robotics technology in the workplace. In the Group’s robotics business, we are developing a variety of systems and working to popularize the use of a wide range of robotic equipment. Our goal is to lighten the work load for staff in such fields as medical care and nursing care, as well as workers in factories and on construction sites. Through the use of advanced technologies such as robotics, we aim not only to reduce the risk of physical damage to employees, but also to improve productivity. At the same time, our larger aim is to make use of AI and IoT (the internet of things) to create a community-wide safety net, enabling everyone to live in security.

©Prof. Sankai, University of Tsukuba / CYBERDYNE Inc.
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