Single-Family Houses
(Built-to-order Houses/Housing Subdivision/Forest Housing)

Built-to-order Houses

We offer residential comfort and guaranteed safety with
our cutting-edge steel frame and wooden structure homes

Driven by the evolution of our proprietary technologies, we have achieved constant growth in our core business of single-family houses. We have added popular models to our lineup in anticipation of the needs of each successive generation. These include the steel-frame xevo – whose high-level seismic absorption capabilities allow it to withstand repeated massive earthquakes – and the PREMIUM GranWood, a high-quality house model with a wooden structure. In addition, through our "For Nature" residential environment brand we offer economically efficient, comfortable, safe, and environmental-friendly homes that not only meet all our customers’ needs, but also help realize a sustainable society thanks to their minimal environmental impact.

Our Team-xevo helps you realize your dream home –
individually customized designs for built-to-order houses

We listen carefully to our customers’ preferences to get a detailed understanding of their "dream house," and then plan everything down to the last detail to create ideal living spaces. Leveraging know-how acquired over many years in home building, we mobilize leading-edge technologies in fields such as earthquake resistance, durability, and energy conservation to offer strong and comfortable houses. Our "Team-xevo" concept brings together experts including sales staff, architects, interior coordinators, and construction technicians, who collaborate with each customer right from the start, up to completion of the house and beyond.

Housing Subdivision

Developing communities where people can come together, feel at ease, and be happy

Taking fully into account the interaction that people need with the natural environment, as well as the requirements of safety, Daiwa House develops communities where residents can live comfortably. We handle lot-subdivision planning, housing design, interior coordination, exterior design, and streetscape design. With each aspect of development entrusted to professionals in that field who are dedicated to ensuring a comfortable residential environment for the families who will live there, our housing developments feature bright, open townscapes affording attractive green vistas, where people can mingle easily with one another – communities that warm the hearts of both residents and visitors.

Forest Housing

Homes that offer the richness of nature and the attractions of a vibrant local community, plus full lifestyle infrastructure

Responding to the needs of customers seeking new permanent homes or holiday homes in verdantly wooded zones, Daiwa House has developed residential areas around Japan that offer a good balance of peace and quiet, a relaxed atmosphere, and the conveniences of modern living.Our forest housing residential areas offer the combined attractions of lush green natural surroundings with all the infrastructure you would expect in an urban area – roads, water supply, sewerage system and so on – plus shared facilities and a maintenance system that operates around the clock. We provide the full resort experience – residents can mingle with neighbors and get involved in regional community activities, or enjoy a refreshing time at resort hotels, golf courses, and other local attractions.

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